Pretty fucking pissed. My husband deploys in just a few fucking days. We have an entire house to fucking pack up. He’s been working and so have I making it fucking difficult to get shit done. The little time he has I want to spend it together, but no. Fucking impossible. Always stuck doing shit for others, and in reality when he needs something no one EVER comes through for him. Meanwhile here he is, getting off work in a couple of hours only to come home change over and make a 3 hr drive to go pick one of his co-workers up from the airport. And i have to work the night shift today so I won’t even see him til i get home from work and by then he will be in bed already! LIKE WTF😡 I swear he is TOO nice. Like No, whenever you need a favor or something you always get turned down, no damn shame but yet you go out of your way to go help the same people that turn you down. Wtf is that?! Im so pissed i could punch a hole through someones throat.


Why the FUCK WHY THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK. Why am i breaking out so damn bad on my chin, and theyre all under the skin, hurts like a bitch. And im starting to get pissed off now smh. Fuck this shit. Fuck it all fuck it fuck fuck


I’m sitting on the toilet just scrolling through my instagram (i find my bathroom to be relaxing lol) and my husband walks in, butt naked, eyes closed and hops in the shower. Literally takes about .8 seconds to shower, gets out, eyes still closed drying himself and i’m just here watching him and then he says “hurry up, i can’t sleep without you” lol okay babe. 😂 i love him.





Oh my gosh

:’) sooo cute

Its packing day…

Watching Jhonatan pack is literally breaking my heart. And i’m holding myself back from breaking down in front of him 😔


My husband is such a good role model. Makes me so happy to be married to such a great, amazing, hardworking man. I love him with all my heart ❤️


Whenever Jhonatan isn’t home he automatically goes into sweet, cute Jhonatan. Like when he is home, we’re mostly just joking and annoying the shit out of each other. Of course he lets me know he loves me and all that good stuff. But once he leaves and is not around for weeks he becomes the sweet, sweet Jhonatan I fall in love with even more. Some people say distance is a curse but I believe for us its actually a good thing. It brings us closer together :) i love getting texts from him and him letting me know how much he loves & misses me. And how excited he is to see us again ❤️


Today marks the halfway point. We’re almost at our 2 year wedding anniversary. Its been a long way, a lot of things have happened, ups & downs, stupidity, struggles, but most importantly lots and lots of love, and it shall continue.

I love You my King ❤️


I had a dream that i was having an ultrasound and the baby’s gender was a boy.

I’m not even pregnant…

My mind is just playing with my emotions and feelings like “here bitch dream about babies but you can’t have none!”

Thanks, thanks alot …



"If you’re wearing this robe it’s time for this."

DVD Trevor recorded and left in Roxy’s robe pocket before he deployed:

"Hey beautiful. So it’s probably late at night…kids are asleep, you’re wrapped up in your robe drinking a glass of red wine. Because that’s what you do when you’ve had hard times. That’s when your fears come out. Man, I wish I was there to grab those black snakes and wrestle them to the ground. Look, I know this is hard, but baby you’re not alone. You’ve got the kids, and your friends - there’s even cranky old Betty at the bar. Man, I am sorry I ever gave you a hard time about getting that job. It’s good that you have that place, Rox. It’ll keep your mind off me while I’m gone.

Now. I wan’t you to do something for me. C’mon, I know you’re cheating. Close your eyes. Take off your robe. Now it’s me holding you. Can you feel me? Cause wherever I am, I’m loving you.”



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